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  • Are there different roll sizes?

    Small roll:
    Dimensions: length 250 cm, width 40 cm (= 1 m2), weight: 20–23 kg
    The roll for the small to middle-sized garden. Laying is done by hand.

    Big roll:
    Dimensions: length 15 m (up to 20 m on demand), width 120 cm (= 18 m2), weight up to 500 kg
    For large areas like sport fields, public green spaces, sunbathing lawns, etc.
    Laying requires a tractor and 3-point laying frames or motorized handcart.

  • How much does a roll weigh?

    A small roll weighs 20 to 23 kg depending on humidity.
    Big rolls have a weight of up to 500 kg.

  • How thick is the sod?

    The thickness of our turf (just the roots and the soil) normally amounts to 15 mm. For thick turf, the standard thickness is 30 mm. On request, the turfgrass can also be cut somewhat thinner or thicker.

  • Are plastic nets processed in the turf?

    No, the turfs are kept together by the extremly dense and strong root system and thus do not need plastic nets.

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